Avalon (soundtrack)

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Avalon (soundtrack).jpeg
Soundtrack album by Randy Newman
Released December 8, 1990
Genre Film score, soundtrack
Label Reprise
Randy Newman chronology

Avalon is the original soundtrack of the 1990 film Avalon starring Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elizabeth Perkins, Kevin Pollak and Elijah Wood. The original score was composed by Randy Newman.

The score was nominated for 3 awards:

Track listing[edit]

  1. 1914
  2. Weekend Musicians
  3. Avalon/Moving Day
  4. Jules & Michael
  5. Television, Television, Television
  6. Circus
  7. Wedding
  8. The Family
  9. The Fire
  10. No More Television
  11. Funeral
  12. End Titles

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