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Game background
Title(s) Lady Luck,[1] The Maiden
Home plane The World
Alignment Good
Portfolio Change, Luck, Trade, Travel
Domains Change, Freedom, Luck
Design details

In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Avandra is the good goddess of change, luck, trade and travel. She is revered by halflings, rogues, travelers, and merchants. Avandra is a member of the 4th edition core pantheon.

Publication history[edit]

Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (2008-)[edit]

Avandra first appears as one of the deities described in the Players Handbook for fourth edition (2008).[2]


Avandra is friends with Melora, Sehanine and Corellon - they are collectively known as "the Four Free Gods", and Avandra's exalted usually spend their afterlives in and around Arvandor, the dominion of Corellon and Sehanine.[3] Avandra's most hated adversary is Zehir.[4] She is also an enemy of Asmodeus, the lord of tyranny, and Torog, god of jailors, whom her followers fight at any opportunity.[5]


Avandra's temples are few in civilized lands, but her wayside shrines appear throughout the world.[6] In the Temple of the Fates she is worshiped as a god of destiny alongside Ioun and the Raven Queen. Teleportation Circles are often found in temples of Avandra.[7] Avandra has a shrine in the Moonsong Temple of Fallcrest.[8]


In 4th edition, Aasterinian is a blue dragon exarch serving as Avandra's messenger.[9]