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Original author(s)Zubair Khan
Initial release10 September 2012 (2012-09-10)
Stable release
8.0.7 as of 2019-03-22
Operating systemAndroid 3.0+ (2.2 via Manual Install)
SizeVaries with device and options, core app 610kb to 2.5MB
LicenseApache license

Avare is a free open source "moving map" aviation GPS, A/FD and EFB app for phones or tablets using the Android Operating System. The app uses an internal or external GPS to determine location, allowing real-time display of location, heading, speed, distance, and altitude on aviation and topographic charts. The user can also access all relevant FAA data and some non-FAA maps and data in flight without data connection, once it has been downloaded to the device. With external hardware and/or add-on apps Avare can also display ADS-B data, and interface with an auto-pilot or flight simulator.

Basic Features[edit]

  • Displays GPS location, ground bearing to destination, heading, speed, distance, altitude and other flight data.
  • GPS IFR Plate and Airport Diagram location, A/FD, FAA charts, user maps and some unofficial Canada, EU and other charts.
  • All navigation functions require only a GPS signal, with data connection only required for adding new charts or materials.
  • With data or ADS-B connection, current conditions may be fetched such as: traffic, NEXRAD, winds aloft, TFR graphics and text, TAFs, and METARs.[1]
  • Free ADS-B 1090Mhz or UAT reception is available on many Android devices with a $10 "RTL" SDR.[2]
  • Compatible with the StratuX open source dual channel ADS-B receiver.
  • Compatible external devices may be connected via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB.
  • It is possible to manually install the app on nearly any Android device running Android v2.2 or higher.[3]
  • Many more features are now included or being added, as outlined in the app Description.[4]


Avare made its debut on September 10, 2012 as a basic open source aviation moving map GPS with code hosted on SourceForge and free FAA charts adapted for display on Android devices.[5] It was created by Boston area pilot and Android programmer Zubair Khan after he had grown frustrated with the selection of Android GPS aviation apps that were then available. His goal was to provide a free app with no ads and minimal permissions[6] to eventually fully utilize all of the free FAA materials available online. Over the following year of rapid development it gained a greatly expanded feature set, with several volunteers[7] actively working on extending ADS-B options, along with charts and data for Canada and other countries.[8]


As of Spring 2019, the Google Play Store lists Avare as being installed on 100,000 - 500,000 devices, with an overall rating of 4.6/5 from 4,689 reviews.[9] Sporty's,[10] AOPA[11] and EAA[12] reviews have also been favorable. Avare was one of six aviation apps invited to offer brief presentations at 11:45 am July 28 at the EAA Airventure 2014 event.

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