Avatar (2004 film)

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Avatar FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Kuo Jian Hong
Produced by Kuo Jian Hong
Anthony Fu
Christopher Hatton
Written by Christopher Hatton
Starring Genevieve O'Reilly
Joan Chen
David Warner
Wang Luoyong
William Sanderson
Music by Jonathan Price
Edited by C. Timothy O'Meara
David Flores
Distributed by Force Entertainment
New Line
Release date
Running time
98 minutes
Country Singapore
Language English

Avatar (Chinese: 流放化身), also known as Matrix Hunter (Japan DVD title & USA video title), Avatar Exile (working title), Cyber Wars (USA DVD title) is a Singaporean science fiction film directed by Kuo Jian Hong. The film was shot in 2001[1] and released in 2004.


In the fictional near future, nearly everyone is identified by an implanted microchip and connected to the cybernet. Criminals use fake chips, known as "SIMs" (Simulated Identity iMplants). A female bounty hunter is looking for a man who bought a SIM. She uncovers a game to manipulate society being played by the leaders of five giant corporations.



The film was released in Russia on 15 September 2004 on TV, in Singapore on 7 March 2005 in cinemas, and in the US on 11 April 2006 as a DVD. The movie was also released in Australia.


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