Avatarachi Goshta

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Avatarachi Goshta
Avatarachi goshta.jpg
Theatrical release poster
अवताराची गोष्ट
Directed byNitin Dixit
Produced bySachin Salunkhe
Written byNitin Dixit
StarringAdinath Kothare
Mihiresh Joshi
Yash Kulkarni
Music byGandhaar
Rohit Raut - Sridhar Menon
Background Music
Mangesh Dhakde
CinematographyNagaraj Diwakar
Edited byMayur Hardas
Asian Entertainment
Distributed byAsian Entertainment
Release date
  • 26 December 2014 (2014-12-26)
Running time
118 minutes
Budget2.5 crore (US$360,000)

Avatarachi Goshta (Marathi:अवताराची गोष्ट) is 2014 a Marathi language drama film written and directed by Nitin Dixit and produced by Sachin Salunkhe under Asian Entertainment banner. The film marks the directorial debut of Nitin Dixit. The film stars Adinath Kothare, Mihiresh Joshi and Yash Kulkarni in lead roles and Leena Bhagwat, Rashmi Anpat, Sulabha Deshpande, Sunil Abhyankar in supporting roles. Ashish Vidyarthi appears in a special appearance. The film released on 26 December 2014 received positive reviews and won numerous awards from its inception.[specify]


Kaustubh(Mihiresh Joshi) is an innocent little boy. He loves to live in his imaginative world that is full of wonders and adventures. The tales that his grandma, Aaji(Sulabha Deshpande) tells him is the base on which he has built a few fantasies. The Dashavtar tales from Indian mythology are his favourite. These tales are based on Lord Vishnu's Ten avatars. Kaustubh has also learnt through these tales that Lord Vishnu's tenth avatar, the Kalki avatar is going to be in Kaliyuga, the modern era we are in. Innocent mind of Kaustubh, who is in his fourth standard, is captured with the imagination that he himself is that Kalki avatar. His close friend Mangya(Yash Kulkarni), who is equally thrilled with this idea, confirms his belief. A few incidental coincidences validate Kaustubh's imagination. Once he is convinced, he shares this secret with Amod(Adinath Kothare), the young engineering student that is a tenant in Kaustubh's home. Amod who is atheist by nature, does not pay much attention. Convinced by the idea of being the Kalki avatar, Kaustubh becomes so confident that he tries the biggest adventure he is possessed with since quite long. He gets injured and suffers from a fractured leg. This acts as a big blow to Kaustubh's fantasy and his emotionally driven imaginative world gets shattered. He finds it difficult to come to terms with the reality and goes in a shell. He starts avoiding his dear friend Mangya and even everybody at his home. Observing his strange behaviour, the Doctor advises Kaustubh's parents to consult a psychiatrist. But they don't act upon the advice in anticipation of the social stigma. Kaustubh's mother(Leena Bhagwat) realizes that Kaustubh who feels so detached from everyone, is pretty comfortable with Amod. So she requests Amod to help Kaustubh come out of this emotional turmoil. Amod accepts this challenge and in an attempt of getting into the crux of the problem, gets friendly with Mangya. He then understands that the real cause is Kaustubh's fantasy based passion of becoming an avatar. Amod shares with Kaustubh a different perspective about the very concept of the avatar and slowly helps him come out of the mental stress he is facing. Kaustubh with Amod's help overcomes the depression and regains his confidence.


  • Adinath Kothare as Amod
  • Mihiresh Joshi as Kaustubh
  • Yash Kulkarni as Mangya
  • Sulabha Deshpande as Kaustubh's Aaji
  • Leena Bhagwat as Kaustubh's Mother
  • Sunil Abhyankar as Kaustubh's Father
  • Rashmi Anpat as Kaustubh's Sister
  • Ashish Vidyarthi in special appearance


Avatarachi Goshta
Soundtrack album by
Rohit Raut - Sridhar Menon
Released18 December 2014 (2014-12-18)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelZee Music Company

The film's soundtrack is composed by Gandhaar, Rohit Raut - Sridhar Menon and lyrics are penned by Sunil Sukathankar. The film comprises only 3 track released on youtube18 December 2014

Track listing[edit]

Avatarachi Goshta
1."Namo Namah"Shaan4:05
2."Akram Tikram"Jasraj Joshi3:51
3."Dokyacha Zhalay Bhaza"Rohit Raut, Siddh Lokare, Sharayu Date3:41
Total length:11:16



The film released in overall Maharashtra on 26 December 2014.


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