Avaz Twist Tower

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Avaz Twist Tower
Sarajevo Twist Tower.jpg
General information
LocationSarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates43°51′38″N 18°24′09″E / 43.86056°N 18.40250°E / 43.86056; 18.40250Coordinates: 43°51′38″N 18°24′09″E / 43.86056°N 18.40250°E / 43.86056; 18.40250
Construction started2006
Owneravaz-roto press
Antenna spire176 m (577 ft)
Top floor150 m (490 ft)
Technical details
Floor count40
Design and construction
ArchitectFaruk Kapidžić
Other information
Parking450+ parking spots

The Avaz Twist Tower is a 176 m tall skyscraper in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the headquarters for Dnevni avaz, a Bosnian newspaper company.[1] The tower is located in the Marijin Dvor city neighborhood, Sarajevo's central municipality.[2] Construction began in 2006 and was finished two years later in 2008. The tower is notable for its twisted facade. It is currently the tallest skyscraper in the former Yugoslavia. In 2009, famous German company Schüco chose the tower amongst the 10 most beautiful buildings in the world.[3]

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