Avdimi of Haifa

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Tomb of Avdimi of Haifa, Haifa, Israel

Avdimi of Haifa (Hebrew: אבדימי דמן חיפה‎, translit: Avdimi d'min Haifa; in the Jerusalem Talmud: אבדומה ד'חיפה‬, translit: Avduma d'Haifa; hebraized form of Ancient Greek: Εὔδημος, Eudēmos[1]) was among the greatest of the amoraim of Eretz Israel[2] who flourished during the 3rd and 4th centuries.

He was a student of Levi ben Sisi and Resh Lakish and his pupils included Rabbi Abbahu, Rav Zeira and Rabbi Helbo.[2]

His traditional burial place lies in the ancient Jewish cemetery in Haifa, on Yaffa Street. Travelers and pilgrims from the Middle Ages noted his grave site.


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