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Avedøre is a south-western suburb of Copenhagen located in Hvidovre Municipality. The city is mostly made up of concrete blocks and row-housing, but some people residing in Avedøre live in detached single-family houses with gardens. One major high-rise block called "Store Hus" (lit. English: Grand House) dominates the suburb's skyline. The city has a relatively high rate of crime and many inhabitants are unemployed. Approximately 16,000 persons live in Avedøre, and approx. 60% of the inhabitants is either immigrant or born by immigrants, mainly from Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Spain and Turkey. Prior to 1 April 1974, Avedøre was illogically part of Glostrup Municipality, which it does not border but is separated from, but it was combined with neighboring Hvidovre Municipality from that date. From the Avedøre railway station, the S-train line A runs to Copenhagen city center. Arriving at Copenhagen Central Station takes approximately 15 minutes with the A line train from Avedøre.

Coordinates: 55°37′N 12°27′E / 55.617°N 12.450°E / 55.617; 12.450


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