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Avenger during the party in the pits on January 16th 2010 Ford Field

The Avenger monster truck, piloted by Columbus, Michigan native Jim Koehler, was created in 1996. The original truck sported a forest green Chevrolet S10 body style and a teal chassis and rims. With the exception of World Finals 14, the Avenger truck has always sorted at least three flaming skulls (one on each ide and one on the hood) and flowing flames running from he wheel wells. As time passed, the S10 body was replaced by a 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air body with bright green headlights, which is the same body style that is run today by "Mr. Excitement." Avenger is out of the Team Scream stable, which also features the Brutus, Mega-Bite, Spike, and Wrecking Crew monster trucks. The original Avenger chassis is currently run as Wrecking Crew by Steve Koehler, Jim's brother.

Body Styles[edit]

Avenger and Jim Koehler is one of only two teams to have competed in every Monster Jam World Finals, with the other being Tom Meents with his various trucks. The World Finals is the home to various versions of the Avenger truck, which are as followed:

Forest Green Chevrolet S10

Forest Green 1957 Chevy Bel-Air

Orange Bel-Air (When He Broke a Transmission)

Half Forest Green and Half Orange Bel-Air

Chrome Bel-Air (Leap over the Volcano)

Toxic Green Bel-Air

Neon Green Bel-Air

"Scuba" Blue Bel-Air

Black "Rat Rod" Bel-Air

Candy Apple Red "Las Vegas" Bel-Air

Yellow "Two Time Champion" Bel-Air

"Garners" Candy Apple Red Bel-Air

Fox Sports 1 Purple Bel-Air

Overbored Style White Bel-Air

Junkyard Blue Style Bel-Air

Monster Jam World Finals Accomplishments[edit]

Avenger has taken several titles over the years, but none shine brighter than his two Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championships. Won in 2003 with the original Forest Green Bel-Air and teal chassis, Jim shocked the Monster Jam World by being the first Freestyle Champion not named Dennis Anderson or Tom Meents. The Following Year In 2004 Koelher Was Stopped on Him.Bent a 4 Link Bar Broke a Transmission. When He Goes Over The Cars to His Frustration. In 2011 with his Red "Las Vegas" Avenger, Jim tied with Cam McQueen in the Nitro Circus Monster Truck in the Freestyle competition, edging out McQueen to claim his second Freestyle title, making Jim Koehler one of only two drivers to have more than one Freestyle title at the World Finals, the other being Tom Meents.

In 2009, Avenger went places that it had never ventured before with the debut of Aussie Avenger, built specifically for the Extreme Monster Trucks Australia tour. This truck featured a bright orange chassis as well as canary yellow rims, with a classic 1957 Chevy Bel-Air body. Jim traveled "Down Under" for the South Pacific Finals 2where he continued the tradition of American drivers bringing home the Australian championships with his Freestyle victory. In 2010, Jim returned to Brisbane for the South Pacific Finals 3 to defend his Freestyle Championship. "Mr. Excitement" held true to his name by taking a second straight championship in freestyle. In 2016 he is driving in the Fox Sports 1 Championship Series.