Avenida Caracas

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Avenida Caracas
Bus Transmilenio Caracas con 26.JPG
Transmilenio bus on Avenida Caracas
Avenida Caracas is located in Bogotá
Avenida Caracas
Length25 km (16 mi)
Coordinates4°38′47″N 74°03′54″W / 4.64639°N 74.06500°W / 4.64639; -74.06500Coordinates: 4°38′47″N 74°03′54″W / 4.64639°N 74.06500°W / 4.64639; -74.06500
South endUsme
North endAvenida Calle 80, Autopista Norte

Avenida Caracas is an arterial road in Bogotá, Colombia that runs through the city from north to south.


The road has four names along its stretch: Avenida Caracas, Troncal Caracas, Carrera 14, and Carretera a Usme.


The road begins in the southern ward of Usme, where it is named Carretera a Usme. It runs north to Calle 70 Sur.

It continues north to the Portal de Usme, where it is known as the Troncal Caracas. It continues through the neighborhoods Ciudad Bolívar, Rafael Uribe Uribe, Antonio Nariño, Los Mártires, Santa Fe and Chapinero, until Calle 80 near the monument Los Héroes. It continues north to Chía with the name Autopista Norte.

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