Avenida Pueyrredón

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intersection with Corrientes Avenue.
Location of Pueyrredón Avenue in Buenos Aires.
Plaza Intendente Alvear

Avenida Pueyrredón is an avenue that runs through Recoleta and Balvanera neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and goes from southwest to northeast, parallel Avenida 9 de Julio. It starts at Avenida Rivadavia, and ends at Avenida Figueroa Alcorta.

The Avenue stars at Avenida Rivadavia intersection front of Plaza Miserere and Once station.

The Buenos Aires Underground has numerous stations that serve Avenida Pueyrredón; stations Plaza Miserere on Line Línea A (SBASE).svg, Pueyrredón on Line Línea B (SBASE).svg, Pueyrredón on Line Línea D (SBASE).svg and Once and Corrientes, Córdoba, Santa Fe and Las Heras on Line Línea H (SBASE).svg.