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Fragrance by Olivier Creed
TypeChypre Fruity masculine fine fragrance
ReleasedSeptember 2010
TaglineBold, Spirited, Confident
WebsiteCreed Fragrances

Aventus is an Eau de Parfum launched by Paris-based perfume house Creed. The fragrance was released in September 2010, as part of the celebrations for Creed's 250th Anniversary.[1]


Olivier Creed, the master perfumier for Creed[citation needed], claims that his inspiration for Aventus was the French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte. As a result of this, many of the scents found within the fragrance have a link to Napoleon. For example, Blackcurrants from Corsica (where Napoleon was born), and Birch from Louisiana (which Napoleon ruled over for 4 years), are used.[2]

It was announced in Spring 2016, that a variation of the fragrance aimed at the female market, Aventus for Her, which would be released on June, 2016 in the UK, with a US release coming in November of the same year.[3]


Aventus is an example of a fruity chypre fragrance,[4] meaning it features mainly Citrus based top notes, and Animalic base notes, such as Oak Moss or Musk. Olivier Creed has stated that, unlike the majority of perfume houses, the Creed brand focuses more on the Base notes, rather than the Top.[5] The reason for this, they claim, is that focusing on the base notes means to fully appreciate the fragrance the wearer must take their time in order to fully understand it. The full note pyramid is as follows:

Creed Aventus Note Pyramid[6]
Top Apple Blackcurrant Pineapple Bergamot
Middle Juniper Berries Birch Patchouli Jasmine
Base Vanilla Musk Oakmoss Ambergris
Creed Aventus for Her Note Pyramid[7]
Top Green Apple Violet Leaf Pink Pepper Calabrian Bergamot
Middle Rose Styrax Mysore Sandalwood
Base Peach Cassis Amber Ylang Ylang


Creed Aventus ratings
Basenotes 4.5/5 stars[8]
Fragrantica 4.4/5 stars[9]
John Lewis 5/5 stars[10]
Liberty 5/5 stars[11]
Nordstrom 4.8/5 stars[12]

Aventus garnered critical acclaim from fashion critics and the general public alike and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the fragrance website Basenotes based on an average of 1312 votes. In terms of awards, Aventus won the Best Ever Men's Fragrance award in 2013 from Basenotes,[13] as well as Best Niche Fragrance at the Shortlist Grooming awards,[14] in addition to the Best New Male Fragrance in Limited Distribution prize at the 2011 COPRA (Cosmetic & Perfumery Retailers Association) Awards.[15]

Such was the success of Aventus, that Creed bill it as their most popular fragrance in their 250-year history,[16] whilst Erwin Creed would go on to say in an interview that without Aventus, Creed wouldn't have opened their boutique in Madison Avenue, New York City.[17]


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