Avenue J (BMT Brighton Line)

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 Avenue J
 "Q" train
New York City Subway rapid transit station
Avenue J - Manhattan bound platform.JPG
Station statistics
Address Avenue J & East 16th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230
Borough Brooklyn
Locale Midwood
Coordinates 40°37′31″N 73°57′41″W / 40.625276°N 73.961372°W / 40.625276; -73.961372Coordinates: 40°37′31″N 73°57′41″W / 40.625276°N 73.961372°W / 40.625276; -73.961372
Division B (BMT)
Line BMT Brighton Line
Services       Q all times (all times)
Transit connections Bus transport New York City Bus: B6, B11
Structure Embankment
Platforms 2 side platforms
Tracks 4
Other information
Opened 1908; 110 years ago (1908)
Station code 049[1]
Former/other names Manhattan Terrace
Passengers (2016) 1,867,727[2]Increase 1%
Rank 261 out of 422
Station succession
Next north Avenue H: Q all times
Next south Avenue M: Q all times

Avenue J is a local station on the BMT Brighton Line of the New York City Subway, located on Avenue J between East 15th and East 16th Streets in Midwood, Brooklyn. It is served by the Q train at all times.[3]

Station layout[edit]

Track layout
Platform level
Side platform, doors will open on the right
Northbound local "Q" train toward 96th Street (Avenue H)
Northbound express "B" train does not stop here
Southbound express "B" train does not stop here →
Southbound local "Q" train toward Coney Island (Avenue M)
Side platform, doors will open on the right
G Street level Entrances/exits
Station building To entrances/exits, station agent, MetroCard vending machines

The station is located on a raised earthen embankment. There are four tracks and two side platforms. The two center tracks are used by the B express train on weekdays.[4]

The station was opened around 1900 as a two-track surface station and named Manhattan Terrace. It was renamed "Avenue J" in 1907, the same year the railroad line was grade separated. Vestiges of the spur built to reconnect the Brighton Line and Long Island Rail Road's Bay Ridge Branch after grade separation still exist to this day.

This station underwent reconstruction from September 2009 to December 2011. Both platforms were rebuilt with new windscreens, canopies, and tactile strip edges. A temporary platform over the express tracks was used to provide service on the side that was under rebuilding.[5] The new windscreens were controversial with nearby community members, since the windscreens contained gaps that allowed trash and noise through while causing privacy issues for residents whose backyards faced the station.[6]

The 2011 artwork here is called Bird Laid Bare by Rita MacDonald. It consists of murals and mosaics on the walls of the Coney Island-bound platform's main staircase depicting various species of birds.


The station's main house is located underneath the right-of-way on the south side of Avenue J and has a full-time turnstile bank and token booth. There is a double-wide staircase facing north going up to the Coney Island-bound platform and one narrow staircase facing south going up to the Manhattan-bound platform. The Coney Island-bound staircase's landing has two exit-only turnstiles leading directly to the street.[7]

Both platforms have an unstaffed bank of turnstiles leading to a staircase that goes down to the north side of Avenue J. The Coney Island-bound one is double-wide.[7]


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