Avenue Princesse Grace

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Grace Kelly, in To Catch A Thief, points towards the road (circled) which was later named after her.
Avenue Princesse Grace in 2015
Avenue Princesse Grace viewed from the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort at the France–Monaco border

The Avenue Princesse Grace is an avenue in the Larvotto ward of Monaco. It is named after Grace Kelly, Princess consort of Monaco. It is the most expensive street in the world according to Engel & Völkers.[1][2][3] In other words, property along this street is on average worth $17,750 per square foot and each square metre £73,000.[2][3]


Most of the land of the Larvotto district was purchased by Gildo Pastor in the aftermath of World War II.[4] In 1966, Rainier III, Prince of Monaco allowed him to start building high-rise buildings.[4] This led to the construction of dense apartment buildings and luxury hotels from the 1960s onwards.[4] Some were built as recently as the 2000s.


There is also public sculpture on the street, called Le Pêcheur.[21]


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