Average Fury

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Average Fury
Deg average fury.jpg
Video by Dir En Grey
Released June 29, 2005
Genre Alternative metal, nu metal
Label Firewall Div.
Producer Dir En Grey
Dir En Grey chronology
The Code of Vulgar[ism]
Average Fury
Average Psycho

Average Fury (stylized AVERAGE FURY) is a music video compilation released by Dir En Grey on June 29, 2005, their first not to be released on VHS. It contains behind-the-scenes footage for each clip and comprises songs from Six Ugly, Vulgar and Withering to Death.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Child Prey"
  2. "Mr.Newsman"
  3. "Drain Away"
  4. "Kasumi"
  5. "Obscure"
  6. "The Final"
  7. "Machiavellism"
  8. "Saku"
  9. "Kodou"


  • The "Obscure" video featured here comprises footage from the Blitz 5 Days DVD with the album version of the song serving as audio.
  • The clips for "Saku" and "Kodou" are censored on this release. Uncensored versions were later included on the Average Psycho DVD. The videos are connected by a storyline about a homicidal teenager.