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OriginBoston, Massachusetts
Years active1998–2007
LabelsAveri Music
MembersMike Golarz (2006 - 2007)
Michael Currier
Stuart Berk
Chris Tilden
Matt Lydon
Past membersChad Perrone (1998-2005)

Averi was a rock band that formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1998 when the members were students at local colleges and universities. The band grew in local popularity rather quickly, and eventually developed a strong national following. It was no mystery that from 2001 through 2005, the band was one of only a handful in Boston which was garnering considerable label attention. In mid-2005, however, a major lineup change profoundly affected the band's long-term outlook when Mike Golarz (lead vocals and guitar) took over as lead singer for former frontman (and fan-favorite) Chad Perrone, who had decided to leave the band under contentious circumstances to pursue a solo career.

Despite the change, original members Michael Currier (saxophone and backing vocals), Stuart Berk (lead guitar), Chris Tilden (bass), and Matt Lydon (drums) chose to continue performing under the Averi name with Golarz singing songs that Perrone had written, recorded, and performed with the band previously. Despite a generally positive opinion of Golarz's voice shared among fans on the band's website forums and social media, fan-written reviews of Averi performances during Golarz's tenure were mixed. A recurring theme in reviews held that the band's performances of some of popular pre-Golarz era songs, while generally fine, were too far a departure from the originals as Perrone and Golarz had substantially different vocal styles. Ultimately, the generally mixed reception of the band's live performances after Perrone's departure led to the band's inactivity which began in 2007 and continues through today.


Averi was founded in 1998 on the campus of Suffolk University in Boston, MA by Matt Lydon and Michael Currier. After inviting Chad Perrone into the group, Averi was born. At Wits End was the band's debut EP. Featuring five funk and sax heavy tunes, At Wits End became very popular within the local scene and helped the band gain support from producer Mike Denneen (Aimee Mann, Fountains of Wayne, Howie Day) for their debut LP, Direction of Motion. With the addition of Chris Tilden and Stuart Berk, Direction of Motion had a distinctive pop sound. The album sold thousands of copies without any label representation. The band went out on the road in support of the album playing colleges up and down the east coast of the US and numerous clubs around Boston.

In 2003, Averi's first headline appearance at the Paradise Rock Club was a success. Since then, Averi has played several sold out shows a year at the Paradise. Over the next two years, Averi supported bands such as Gavin DeGraw, Guster, Barenaked Ladies, Hanson, Matchbox Twenty, Backstreet Boys, and the Goo Goo Dolls. The end of 2003 saw the addition of external management and a booking agency.

The year 2005 brought a new album, new producer, and management changes. Drawn To Revolving Doors was recorded over the autumn and winter of 2004 and was produced by Scott Riebling. The sound of the record was more rock than Direction of Motion. Sold out shows up and down the east coast, including major markets like Boston and New York, followed the release of the album. Constant touring followed through the summer and into the fall of 2005. In August 2005, the band announced a headlining show at Avalon in Boston on November 12, 2005, which sold out at nearly 2,000 tickets.

Shortly after the show, and much to the surprise of dedicated fans, it was abruptly announced that Perrone had decided to leave Averi due to, what he classifies as, stagnation in their national growth outside of Boston, despite the fact that the band had begun selling records via iTunes in 48 states and 26 countries.

The remaining members of Averi decided that they wanted to continue on with the band, and faced finding a new lead singer. The band called their friend Mike Golarz, a singer from Boston that Perrone was an admitted fan of after he had seen Golarz perform with his old band, Elcodrive.

A few weeks following the announcement of the departure of Perrone, Golarz was named the new lead singer. Touring began again in early 2006, and many of the popular earlier tunes continued to be played (much to the disdain of Perrone), as well as new songs that the new line-up had been working on.

The band announced in the spring of 2006 a new record with Scott Riebling producing (who has gone on record as saying "Mike Golarz is the best singer I've ever worked with."). However, since that announcement, no official word concerning the album has been released.

Growth and press[edit]

Averi has been featured in newspapers and magazines such as the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Improper Bostonian, as well as music websites like Alternative Addiction. In 2005 they received four Boston Music Award nominations (they ended up winning one for 'best local rock band') and were named Newbury Comics/Boston Phoenix’s “Best Wicked Good Band.”

Current status[edit]

They are no longer together.

Band members[edit]

  • Mike Golarz — lead vocals, guitar (2005-)
  • Michael Currier — saxophone, vocals, tambourine
  • Stuart Berk — lead guitar
  • Chris Tilden — bass
  • Matt Lydon — drums

Past members[edit]

  • Chad Perrone — lead vocals, guitar (1998–2005)


  • Drawn To Revolving Doors (2005)
  • Averi Live @ The Avalon (2005)
  • Averi Live @ The Paradise Rock Club (2003)
  • Direction of Motion (2002)
  • At Wits End (2000)



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