Avetis Nazarbekian

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Avetis Navarbekyan
Avetis Nazarbekian
Born 1866
Died 1939 (aged 72–73)
Nationality Armenian
Alma mater Saint Petersburg State University
University of Paris (Sorbonne)
Occupation poet, journalist, political activist and revolutionary
Known for one of the founders of Social Democrat Hunchakian Party

Avetis Nazarbekian (Armenian: Ավետիս Վարդանի Նազարբեկյան, 1866, Tabriz – 1939, Moscow), also known as Nazarbek or Lerents, was an Armenian poet, journalist, political activist and revolutionary, one of the founders of Social Democrat Hunchakian Party.


Nazarbekian was born in Tabriz, Qajar Iran, but had lived in Imperial Russia since his childhood.[1][2] He studied at the St. Petersburg and Paris (Sorbonne) Universities. In the mid-1880s he contributed to the Mkrtich Portukalian's Armenia revolutionary journal, also established close contactes with Russian socialist Georgi Plekhanov and Emancipation of Labour group. In 1887 Nazarbek, his future wife Mariam Vardanian and their Russian-Armenian friends founded the Hunchakian party and Hunchak newspaper.

Nazarbek translated several works of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and Plekhanov. He talked to Lenin and Shahumyan about the Armenian question. In 1923 he moved from Paris to the United States, joined the US Communist (Workers) Party.

In 1934 he returned to the Soviet Union.


  • (in English) Through the Storm, London, 1899
  • (in Armenian) Poems, Saint Petersburg, 1890


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