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Abraham (Avi) Bell is an Israeli Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law and at Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Law.

Bell received his B.A. and J.D. from the University of Chicago, and his S.J.D. from Harvard.[1] He interned in the office of Israeli Supreme Court judge Mishael Cheshin.

In addition, Bell frequently writes about the Arab-Israeli conflict.[2][3] He also debated Richard Goldstone in a debate at Stanford Law School entitled “The Goldstone Report and the Application of International Law to the Arab-Israeli Conflict,” where a few days later, Goldstone said that “contrary to the report’s assertions, Israel did not intentionally target civilians.”[4]

Bell was formerly a visiting professor at Fordham University School of Law and the University of Connecticut School of Law.

He currently teaches classes on property and intellectual property at University of San Diego School of Law, and on property, intellectual property and public international law at Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Law.

Bell also serves as Senior Fellow at the Kohelet Policy Forum.


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