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Avi Benedi
Birth name Avi Benedi
Born (1980-04-02) April 2, 1980 (age 38)
  • Singer-songwriter
  • musician
  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • piano
Years active 2001 – present
Labels Payner Music
Associated acts Diamond Band, Philipp Kirkorov, Ishtar, Anelia, Emilia, Maria, Gamzata, Ani Hoang, Sonya Nemska, Galena, Subliminal, Tzvetelina Janeva, Jasmin, Shahzoda, Jazz Gitti, Alex Artur Magariyan, Andriana Čekić, Sona Sarkisyan, Sarit Hadad
Website http://avi-benedi.com/

Avi Benedi (Hebrew: אבי בנדי‎, born April 2, 1980) is an Israeli singer and songwriter. He has released two albums: Avi Benedi & Diamond Band in 2001 (in Austria) and We Met Late (Встретились поздно) in 2012 (in Russia).[1]

Personal life[edit]

Avi Benedi was born in Israel on 2 April 1980. When he was four years old, his family moved to live in Vienna, Austria. His parents have Russian roots. His father, Eduard Babadost,[2] is a famous tenor in Austria, and his grandfather is a folk artist in Tajikistan.[3] Avi Benedi has two brothers: one is a jewellery and fashion designer, and the other is the talented young director, Lior Babadost.

Avi speaks and sings in Hebrew, English, German, Russian, Bulgarian, Persian, Bukhori, Slovakian and Romanian.[4]


Career beginning: 1999–2013[edit]

Avi Benedi has graduated from the College of Photography and Film Arts in Vienna. From 1999 until 2008, he worked as operator-in-charge at Austrian TV channel ATV, but that did not prevent him from continuing to follow his dream.[1]

In the meantime, he began writing his own music and working professionally with his band, which was called Diamond Band. Together, they became very popular and, in the period 2003–2006, performed many concerts across the world. In Israel, Avi Benedi and the Diamond Band had their breakthrough hit with the song Live Like In A Movie, which was at the top of the music charts for four weeks.[4]

In 2006, Avi Benedi launched his solo career in Russia, where he moved to live for several years working together with Philipp Kirkorov for several projects.[1][4]

Payner Music: 2014–present[edit]

Since the beginning of 2014, Avi Benedi has been working together with Bulgarian record label Payner.[5] As a singer and composer, Avi Benedi became famous in Bulgaria for his two collaborations with Emilia: Кой ще му каже (Boi Tegali Li) and Balkania.[6]

After the success of his two duets with Emilia, Avi Benedi gained popularity in Bulgaria and has been a special guest at concerts broadcast by TV channel Planeta and of many TV shows. His duets with Emilia also led to his involvement in the Planeta Summer 2014 national tour.[7] In February 2015, Who Will Tell Him won the Best Duet of 2014 prize at Planeta’s Annual Music Awards.[6]

On 29 October 2014, Avi Benedi officially launched his first solo project written as a gift to Bulgaria: Боже, пази (God Help Them). It was dedicated to the human tragedy resulting from the catastrophic floods in Bulgaria in 2014.[8]

In 2015 he released 2 more solo songs За теб, Любов (For you, Love), written by him and the poet Doni Vasileva, and Хубав е Живота (Life is Beautiful) with Anelia performing the back vocals.[9][10] In the end of the he announced his new song Истинска Жена (True Woman) together with Maria and Gumzata. Avi wrote the Hebrew part of the song and the Bulgarian part was written by Marieta Angelova. Official video was released on 15 February 2016.[11]

In May 2016, Avi released a new song featuring the young Armenian star Alex. The name of the song is Ekel em Yerevan.[12] In June 2016, were promoted 3 songs, by Avi Benedi music and arranged. For Serbia, Andreana Cekic presented 300 svatova,[13] and her colleague Jelena Paunovic – the song Zeni Me.[14] For Israel, rapper Subliminal presented Tzeva Lahaim,[15] which became total hit in just few days.

Avi began 2017 with releasing a new single, Войната в мен (The war within me) on 4 January written by Anastasiya Mavrodieva and video directed by Lior Babadost.[16]

On 8 March 2017 Benedi promoted his new single La Vida Amiga with video directed by Ivaylo Petkov and together with that announced a Spanish album in production.[17] The song itself[18] became a hit in Germany, becoming a trending in YouTube Germany, MTV Germany and Switzerland and Viva Germany. On 9 June 2017 he realised his new single Oye Señorita written by Avi and Sevdalina Dyakova and video directed by Lior Babadost and week later the song was released for the Bulgarian public.[19]

His Spanish album was released in late 2017[20] and the song La Vida Amiga is reported to have attracted the attention of Universal Music.[20]

Music videos[edit]

Song Air date Director
Встретились поздно
(feat Lora Safonova)
29 Feb 2012 Lior Babadost
Кой ще му каже/Boi tegali li
(feat Emilia)
21 Feb .2014
(feat Emilia and MC Brian)
20 Jun 2014
Боже, пази 29 Sep 2014
За теб, любов 8 May 2015
Хубав е животът 19 Aug 2015
Истинска жена/Zug yonim
(feat Maria and Gumzata)
15 Feb 2016
Идем В Армения/Ekel em Yerevan
(feat Alex)
16 May 2016 Zara Nazaryan
Войната в мен 4 January 2017 Lior Babadost
La Vida Amiga 8 March 2017 Ivaylo Petkov
Oye Señorita 9 June 2017 Lior Babadost
Bailame Asi 22 March 2018 Lior Babadost
Nyakoi Den 6 June 2018 Niki Skerlev


Studio albums[edit]

List of studio albums, with selected chart positions, sales figures and certifications
Title Album details Sales Certifications
Avi Benedi & Diamond Band
  • Released: 2001
  • Label: Avi Benedi Music Productions
  • Formats: Cassette, CD, LP
We Met Late (Встретились поздно)

Musical performances[edit]


  • 2013 Аnnual „Planeta“ awards – perf. „Кой ще му каже/Boi tegali li“
  • „Planeta“ Summer Tour 2014 – perf. „Балкания“ и „Кой ще му каже/Boi tegali li“
  • 13 years television „Planeta“ – perf. „Боже, пази“
  • Television „Planeta“ Awards 2014 – perf. „Кой ще му каже/Boi tegali li“
  • Television „Planeta“ Awards 2015 – perf. „Истинска жена/Zug yonim“

In TV and festive music programs[edit]

  • Christmas Concert „Една нощ в Приказките“ 2014 – perf. „Боже, пази“


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