Avi Nardia

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Avi Nardia
Avi Nardia
Native nameאבי נרדיה
Teacher(s)Moni Aizik, Chaim Pe'er
Rank(military) Major IDF Res., (police) Staff Sergeant Major (NCO)
Years active1974-present
WebsiteAvi Nardia, Avi Nardia KAPAP Combatives

Avi Nardia is a martial artist, KAPAP,[2] a related to it hand to hand combat system Lotar[3] and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor.[4] With his teacher Lt. Col Chaim Pe'er he is heading today's KAPAP combatives system[5] as the leaders on International KAPAP Federation of Israel.[6]


Avi Nardia's father served in the legendary Unit 101 under Ariel Sharon in the 1950s and then he started to teach his son Avi the KAPAP basics.[7]

Nardia served in the Israel Defense Forces as an official hand-to-hand instructor and safety officer both during his duty service and reserve service. In the IDF he trained Israeli special forces and earned a rank of Major.[8][9]

After his demobilization Avi Nardia spent 7 years in Japan studying Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Kendo. When he came back to Israel he started to train Israeli police special Yamam unit[10] During his years in Yamam he has substantially improved and enriched modern KAPAP.[11]

After 9/11 terror attacks Nardia has developed a new KAPAP version of civilian purposes. Subsequently he moved to live in LA, California where he opened a KAPAP Academy. Today he serves as an expert to SWAT schools in different countries and as an official instructor holding master classes on defensive tactics and operational behavior worldwide.[4][12] For example, due to his efforts KAPAP is becoming more and more popular in Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.[13]

As a leading face-to-face instructor he is also considered to be a counter terrorism expert.

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