Avia (river)

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Ribadavia 060115 60.jpg
Sunset in Ribadavia
Country Galicia
Basin features
Main source Serra of the Suído , Province of Ourense, Galicia.
880 m (2,890 ft)
River mouth Miño River, (Atlantic Ocean)
Physical characteristics
Length 36.7 km (22.8 mi)

The Avia River is a tributary of the Miño River with a length of 36.7 kilometres (22.8 mi). It begins in the serra of the Suído at a height of 880 metres (2,890 ft) in the place called Fonte Avia (municipality of Avión). It follows an SO-NL direction after arriving to the artificial lake of Albarellos, between the municipalities of Leiro, Boborás and Avión. After the artificial lake it continues until Boborás, turning there in SL direction. It flows in Ribadavia. Its tributaries include the Maquiáns River, Viñao River, and Arenteiro River, and it runs past the communities of Boborás, Leiro, and Ribadavia.

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