Avianca Flight 011

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Avianca Flight 011
Boeing 747-283BM, Avianca AN1396439.jpg
HK-2910X, the aircraft involved in the accident at Madrid Barajas Airport in August 1983.
Accident summary
Date 27 November 1983
Summary Pilot and navigation error leading to Controlled flight into terrain
Site Mejorada del Campo, Madrid, Spain
Passengers 173
Crew 19
Fatalities 181
Injuries (non-fatal) 8[citation needed]
Survivors 11
Aircraft type Boeing 747-283B
Aircraft name Olafo
Operator Avianca
Registration HK-2910X
Flight origin Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt, West Germany
2nd stopover Charles de Gaulle Airport
Paris, France
3rd stopover Madrid Barajas Int'l Airport
Madrid, Spain
4th stopover Simón Bolívar Int'l Airport
Caracas, Venezuela
Destination El Dorado International Airport
Bogotá, Colombia

Avianca Flight 011, registration HK-2910X[1] (formerly LN-RNA), was a Boeing 747-283B on an international scheduled passenger flight from Frankfurt via Paris, Madrid, and Caracas to Bogotá that crashed on 27 November 1983.

The Frankfurt-Paris segment on this day had been cancelled by Avianca. As a result, the passengers who were to board Avianca flight 011 in Frankfurt had been placed on a Lufthansa flight to Paris. Because they had to wait for these passengers to land, the flight was delayed departing Paris. At 23:31 the airplane started descent to Madrid-Barajas Airport. During the descent, the airplane touched a hill, then a second one, before hitting the ground and disintegrating.[2] All 19 crew members, as well as 162 out of 173 passengers, were killed.[1] The cause of the accident was judged to be pilot error, having incorrectly determined the position of the plane.[1] As of 2013, Avianca Flight 011 remains the second-deadliest aviation accident in Spanish territory behind the Tenerife airport disaster.[3] Today, Avianca still operates Flight 011, a daily flight from Madrid to Bogota, using a Boeing 787–8.

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Coordinates: 40°24′12″N 3°26′57″W / 40.40333°N 3.44917°W / 40.40333; -3.44917