Avianca Flight 4

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Avianca Flight 4
Avianca Douglas DC-4 Volpati.jpg
An Avianca Douglas C-54, similar to the one involved.
Date January 14, 1966
Summary Crash into terrain
Site Off Cartagena, Colombia
Aircraft type Douglas C-54
Operator Avianca
Registration HK-730
Flight origin Cartagena-Crespo Airport, Cartagena, Colombia
Destination El Dorado International Airport, Bogotá, Colombia
Passengers 60
Crew 4
Fatalities 56
Survivors 8

Avianca Flight 4 was a flight from Cartagena, Colombia to Bogotá, Colombia. After takeoff, as soon as the aircraft reached 100 ft (30.5 m), it stalled and crashed into shallow water. After an investigation that lasted 14 months, it was determined that possible engine failure was to blame as well as poor maintenance and inadequate inspections.[1][2]


The aircraft involved was a Douglas C-54, the military version of the Douglas DC-4 produced during World War II, registered HK-730 to Avianca. The aircraft involved was rolled off the assembly line in 1944, and because of military needs it was equipped with larger fuel tanks, allow for intercontinental passenger flights when it was delivered to Avianca as many Skymasters were after the war.[3]

Sequence of events[edit]

At 20:50 the aircraft was given permission to take off from the airport. The plane took off and reached 70 feet (21 meters), but began immediately to descend, crashing into the sea, 1300 meters from the airport runway. Out of the 56 people aboard only eight survived.[1]

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