Avianca Flight 671

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Avianca Flight 671
Avianca Constellation Proctor.jpg
An Avianca Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation similar to the accident aircraft
Date21 January 1960
SiteSangster International Airport
Montego Bay, Jamaica
18°30′10″N 77°54′44″W / 18.5028°N 77.9122°W / 18.5028; -77.9122Coordinates: 18°30′10″N 77°54′44″W / 18.5028°N 77.9122°W / 18.5028; -77.9122
Aircraft typeLockheed L-1049E Super Constellation
Flight originNew York-Idlewild Airport
StopoverMiami International Airport (unscheduled)
1st stopoverSangster International Airport
Montego Bay, Jamaica
DestinationEl Dorado International Airport
Fatalities37 (2 crew, 35 passengers)
Survivors9 (5 crew, 4 passengers)

Avianca Flight 671, registration HK-177, was a Lockheed Constellation that crashed and burned on landing at Montego Bay, Jamaica, on 21 January 1960. It was and remains the worst accident in Jamaican aviation history.[1]

The flight had originated at Miami International Airport, Florida. The aircraft operating the flight was a Lockheed L-1049E Super Constellation used by Avianca for its Bogota-Montego Bay routes. Thirty-seven of the 46 passengers and crew aboard were killed.


On landing, the plane made a heavy touchdown, bounced, and landed back on the runway, then skidded down the runway in flames. It came to rest upside down, 1900 feet from the runway threshold and 200 feet to the left thereof.[2]


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