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Coordinates: 24°59′03″N 121°32′29″E / 24.984269°N 121.541404°E / 24.984269; 121.541404

Aviation Safety Council
Fēiháng Ānquán Wěiyuánhuì
ROC Aviation Safety Council Logo.svg
Agency overview
Formed 25 May 1998
Jurisdiction  Taiwan
Headquarters Xindian, New Taipei
Agency executives
Website www.asc.gov.tw

The Aviation Safety Council (ASC; traditional Chinese: 飛航安全調查委員會; simplified Chinese: 飞航安全调查委员会; pinyin: Fēiháng Ānquán Wěiyuánhuì) is an independent government agency of the Taiwan responsible for aviation accident investigation, with the purpose of analyzing causal factors and proposing flight safety recommendations in Taiwan.[1] The council is headquartered in Xindian District, New Taipei.[2] Its headquarters were previously in Songshan District, Taipei.[3][4]


The council was established in May 1998 as an independent agency. It was put under the administration of Executive Yuan in May 2001 until 20 May 2012 in which after that it became an independent body again after that.[5]

Departmental structure[edit]

The agency is grouped into the following structure:[5]

Investigation Lab[edit]

  • Site Survey
  • Flight Recorders Readout
  • Performance Analysis
  • Data Integration & Simulation
  • Engineering Research & Development

Flight Safety Division[edit]

  • TACARE Systems
  • Safety Improvement Research Projects
  • Promotion & Public Affairs
  • Safety Recommendations Implementation
  • flight Safety Database

Occurrence Investigation Division[edit]

  • Response to Occurrence Notification
  • Occurrence Investigation
  • Safety Recommendations
  • Investigation Techniques Research & Development
  • Coordination with International Air Safety Organizations

Legal and Administration Division[edit]

  • Legal Affairs
  • General Affairs
  • Account Receivable
  • Documentation
  • Transportation
  • Library



ASC headquarters is accessible within walking distance North of Dapinglin Station of the Taipei Metro.

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