Aviation in Alabama

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Aviation in Alabama
Aviation in the United States
Alabama State Flag
Commercial – primary5
Commercial – non-primary1
General aviation65
Other public-use airports24
Military and other airports9
First flight
10 March 1910

Alabama's first aeronautical event was on 10 March 1910 with the flight of a Wright biplane flown by Orville Wright in Montgomery, Alabama.[1]


Aircraft Manufacturers[edit]


73,000 jobs are based in Alabama in support of aerospace.[4]


Colleges and Universities[edit]

  • Auburn University is home to the nations oldest continually operated flight school and is the only 4-year aviation degree in the State of Alabama. Recently, Auburn University created the Auburn University Aviation Center.[when?] The Aviation Center's objective is to, "...create a robust, visionary aviation program that creates opportunities for students and fosters economic development in the state."

Commercial Service[edit]

Government and Military[edit]

Overhead view of Maxwell Field in 1937




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