Aviation in Rhode Island

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Aviation in Rhode Island
Aviation in the United States
Rhode Island
Rhode Island State Flag
Commercial – primary 1
Commercial – non-primary 2
General aviation 1
Other public-use airports 1
Military and other airports 0
First flight
1856 - Balloon

Aviation in Rhode Island is the aeronautical history of that American New England state.

Rhode Island's first aeronautical event was a flight by James Allen in 1856 in a hot air balloon.[1]


Aircraft Manufacturers[edit]


Commercial Service[edit]


Government and Military[edit]

  • All flight operations in Rhode Island are conducted within FAA oversight.[3]
  • The Rhode Island Air National Guard was founded 1915 operating two Curtiss flying boats.
  • Former Governor Bruce Sundlun served as a Boeing B-17 gunner in World War II. Later becoming a partner in Executive Jet Aviation.
  • The Rhode Island Airport Corporation operates a Bell 407 Helicopter in support of all state agencies.
  • The Rhode Island Airport Corporation enforces the provisions of the Uniform Aeronautical Regulatory Act (UAR).


  • Quonset Air Museum [4]



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