Avid Aircraft

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Avid Aircraft
Industry Aerospace
Fate bankrupt twice
Successor Airdale Sportplane and Supply
Founded 1983
Defunct November 2003
Headquarters Caldwell, Idaho, later Ennis, Montana
Key people
Founder Dean Wilson
Last CEO Jim Tomash
Products aircraft kits
Number of employees
9 (2003)

Avid Aircraft Inc was an American aircraft kitplane manufacturer.[1][2][3] The company was founded in 1983 by Dean Wilson to produce the Avid Flyer. It ceased operations in November 2003.[4][5][6]


Avid Aircraft was started in 1983 as Light Aero Inc in Caldwell, Idaho by aircraft designer Dean Wilson. The original Avid Flyer design won Best New Design at Oshkosh in 1983.[3][5][6]

The company produced a full line of high-wing light aircraft kits before going bankrupt in 1998. Acquired by Jim Tomash, the company was moved into a 61000 ft² (5667 m²) converted greenhouse that included 21000 ft² (1951 m²) of cement flooring, in Ennis, Montana. Production of kits was re-established in the new facility. The factory also served as a customer build centre where customers who purchased Avid kits could complete their aircraft.[3]

The company closed its doors in November 2003, at the time indicating that the owners were looking to move to a more populated area of the USA.[4]

Airdale Sportplane and Supply now produces parts for most Avid models as well as the Airdale Airdale and Airdale Avid Plus kitplanes, which are derived from the Avid Mark IV Hauler.[7][8][9]


Avid Flyer Hi-Gross
Summary of aircraft built by Light Aero & Avid[6][10]
Model name First flight Number built Type
Amphibian and Catalina 1986 100 (2001) Three-seat high wing amphibious flying boat
Flyer 1983 Two-seat high-wing monoplane
Bandit 200 (2001) Two-seat high-wing monoplane
Mark IV 550 (2001) Two-seat high-wing monoplane
Magnum 100 (2001) Two-seat high-wing monoplane
Champion 1998 2 (2001) Single seat ultralight aircraft


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