Avihu Medina

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Avihu Medina
אביהו מדינה.jpg
Background information
BornAugust 19, 1948
Tel Aviv, Israel
GenresMediterranean Israeli music
Occupation(s)Composer, arranger, songwriter, and singer

Avihu Medina (Hebrew: אביהו מדינה‬, born August 19, 1948 in Tel Aviv) is an Israeli composer, arranger, songwriter, and singer of Mediterranean Israeli music.[1][2]

Medina was born in Tel Aviv. He was the third son of Aaron and Leah Medina.[3] His mother's family immigrated from Yemen in 1906 and she was born in Jerusalem, and his father immigrated from Yemen in 1939 when it was under the British Mandate.[1] He is Jewish, and his father was a cantor.[1]

As a teenager he lived on Kibbutz Kissufim.[4] He served as a tank commander in the Israel Defense Forces.[3] In the 1980s he established a diamond polishing business.[4]

Avihu is a resident of Petah Tikva.[3]

Music career[edit]

Avihu has composed more than 401 Mizrachi music songs.[5] Through 2007, he had released nine albums.[6] He is considered by some to be the best-known Oriental singer, and has composed many of Zohar Argov's songs.[7]


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