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Trademark of Aviolanda

Aviolanda was a Dutch aircraft manufacturer. The company was established in December 1926 by H. Adolph Burgerhout. Aviolanda mainly produced licensed built aircraft, such as the Curtiss P-6 Hawk and the Dornier Wal and Dornier Do-24 flying boats and the Gloster Meteor, Hawker Hunter and the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter jets. It was eventually taken over by Fokker Aircraft in 1967 and was renamed Avio-Fokker. Aviolanda is also known as a parent company of Dutch helicopter manufacturer NHI.

Aviolanda had its main plant in Papendrecht. Today the production facility at Papendrecht belongs to Stork Fokker Aerospace. Remarkable is the fact that the tailsection of the NHIndustries NH-90 is produced at this production plant, right at the location where the first Dutch helicopter was built in serial production. It is also remarkable that this NH-90 is built by an industrial consortium with the name NHI[clarification needed].