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IndustryFashion Apparel
United States
Key people
Jeff Clyman, Founder
Marc Ecko, Owner
ProductsDesigner clothing

Avirex is an American company that designs, manufactures and markets clothing lines. It was founded by Jeff Clyman in 1975 as a brand for military apparel. Contrary to popular belief, Avirex was not a U.S. military supplier during World War II.[citation needed] In 1987 the company worked on re-issuing of A-2 jacket for the United States Air Force.

In 2006, Jeff Clyman sold the Avirex brand and trademark as well as the Avirex sportswear and hip-hop fashion lines in Europe, Japan, and the United States. The new owner of the Avirex brand in the United States is Eckō Unltd.

Jeff Clyman founded a new company for military apparel called Cockpit USA.

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