Avital Abergel

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Avital Abergel
Avital Abargil.jpg
Born June 10, 1977
Ramat Gan, Israel
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Avital Abergel (Hebrew: אביטל אברג'יל born June 10, 1977) is an Israeli film and TV actress. Abergel has appeared in such (Israeli) films as "Aaron Cohen's Debt" (Hebrew: חובו של אהרון כהן) and "Something Sweet" (Hebrew: משהו מתוק). Likewise, Abergel is also a successful TV actress appearing in a number of Israeli Television series', such as: "The Good Guys", "The Other Woman", "Intensive care unit" and "Deep Blue".

Perhaps Abergel is best known for playing as "Elinor Malchi" in the Children's TV Series "Octave" which is broadcast on the Children's Channel (Israel) (Hebrew: ערוץ הילדים).

In 2005, Abergel appeared in the Teen movie: "You Are (betrothed to me)" (Hebrew: השמיניה) with the director of the Israeli film "Piza'at Lichtman"

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