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The Avni Institute of Art and Design is an Israeli art school located in Tel Aviv. The institute is known for teaching and employing many well known Israeli artists and designers.

The school was established in 1936[1] as the Studia by a group of Jewish artists. Among these founders was Aharon Avni, who became the first school director. After Avni's death the school was renamed the Avni Institute.

In addition to an Avni graduate degree in several art and design branches, as well as in architecture, students at the school can receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in collaboration with the Open University of Israel.

The Avni Institute occupies several buildings along the Eilat Road in South Tel Aviv. The buildings are named after notable teachers at the school who have died. The school includes a large gallery space where students exhibit their works. Around the school developed a major Israeli cluster of arts supplies businesses.

Notable faculty and alumni[edit]




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