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Avolette 125 and Avolette 150
Avolette car.JPG
Manufacturer Société Air Tourist
Production 1955–1958
Body and chassis
Class cycle-car
Body style open-topped two-seater with detachable canvas top
Layout RR layout
Engine single-cylinder
125cc or 150cc or 250cc
from various suppliers
Wheelbase 1,540 mm (61 in)[1]
Length 2,710 mm (106.7 in)[1]
Width 1,420 mm (55.9 in)[1]
Height 1,210 mm (47.6 in) (with top) [1]

Avolette is a former French auto-maker.


The Société Air Tourist company, with its little factory at Paris in the rue de Ponthieu, began production of a small three-wheeled car in 1955. Production probably never progressed beyond the prototype stage and ended in 1958.[1]

The car[edit]

There was a single model, manufactured under license from Brütsch of Stuttgart. The car featured three wheels, with the single wheel at the back. Also at the back was a single-cylinder engine of between 125 cc und 250 cc. Engines came from various suppliers including Lambretta, Maico, Sachs and Ydral.


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