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This article is about the railway bridge in Bristol. For the village of Avonbridge in Scotland, see Avonbridge.
Railway Bridge over the Avon
Carries Great Western Main Line
Crosses River Avon, Bristol
Locale Bristol, England
Architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Coordinates 51°26′59″N 2°33′28″W / 51.4497°N 2.5578°W / 51.4497; -2.5578Coordinates: 51°26′59″N 2°33′28″W / 51.4497°N 2.5578°W / 51.4497; -2.5578

The Avon Bridge is a railway bridge over the River Avon in Brislington, Bristol, England.

It was built in 1839 by Isambard Kingdom Brunel has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building.[1]

The bridge carries the Great Western Main Line into Bristol Temple Meads railway station over the River Avon, approximately 300 metres (980 ft) west (downstream) of Netham Weir.


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