Avondale–Southdown Line

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Avondale–Southdown Line
Type Urban rail
Status Proposed, subject to study
Termini Southdown or Onehunga Branch
Western line
Owner New Zealand Railways Corporation (land)
Character Urban
Rolling stock None
Track gauge 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm)

The Avondale–Southdown Line is a proposed railway line between Avondale and Southdown in Auckland, New Zealand. One of its main functions would be to remove north–south freight trains from the section of the Auckland rail system that has the most passenger traffic.[1]


The Auckland Regional Transport Authority's Rail Development Plan 2006 includes the line in its long-term vision for Auckland's rail network, however, there has been little development work on the project, and it may not be completed until 2030.[2] It is currently envisaged that the line is most likely to be built between 2031–2040.[3]


The line would connect the Western Line just east of Avondale Train Station with the Southern Line at Auckland Freight Centre, Southdown. The decision to reopen the Onehunga Branch may make it more feasible for the line to connect with that branch in Onehunga township. New Zealand Railways Corporation owns most of the corridor for the line, which follows Oakley Creek and part of the State Highway 20 corridor. The SH20 extension from Hillsborough to Mount Roskill made provision for the line's construction.[4] The line would cross over the entrance to the proposed SH20 Waterview Connection.[5] KiwiRail has reached an agreement with the NZTA over a land swap needed for a realignment of the highway and railway corridors.[3]

Another proposal exists to connect the Onehunga Branch at Galway Street to the Avondale—Southdown line by building a tunnel under Onehunga Mall to meet Hugh Watt Drive (State Highway 20) before connecting to the proposed route at Hillsborough.[6]


In May 2007 the Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) announced that it had formed a study group with ONTRACK to investigate the feasibility and costs for the section between Captain Springs Road in Southdown and Hillsborough Road in Mount Roskill.[7]

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