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Avondale Forest is a wooded estate in County Wicklow, Ireland on the west bank of the River Avonmore. It contains the home of Charles Stewart Parnell which was built in 1777 by Samuel Hayes and is now the Parnell Museum. The park is rich in wildlife and notable features include the exotic tree trail and a well-developed arboretum.

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Habitats and ecology[edit]

Avondale is reflective of the wider practices and history of Irish forests. Little native woodland remains, foreign species are planted for their high return and little thought was given to restoring Ireland's native woodlands.

Avondale Forest Park[edit]

The forest park lies mainly on the west bank of the Avonmore River covering 214 hectares of land. The ruins of Parnell’s old sawmill and Parnell’s well are located in the park.

Forest Trails[edit]

Centenary Walk, River walk along the banks of the Avonmore River, Exotic Tree Trail, Slí na Sláinte (path to health walk), Cairn Walk and Pine Trail.

Avondale House[edit]

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The mansion was the birthplace in 1846 of patriot Charles Stewart Parnell. It is now occupied by the State forestry school.

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