Avro 558

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Avro 558
Role Ultralight Biplane
Manufacturer A.V.Roe and Company Limited
First flight 1923
Introduction 1923
Number built 2

The Avro 558 was a British single-engined ultralight biplane built by Avro at Hamble Aerodrome.

Design and development[edit]

The Avro 558 was designed for the 1923 light aircraft trials for single-seaters at Lympne Aerodrome. Two Avro 558 biplanes were built, they were biplanes powered by motorcycle engines (one with a B&H twin-cylinder air-cooled engine, the second with a 500 cc Douglas engine). The first aircraft was modified with a 698 cc (42.6 in³) Blackburne Tomtit and both had modifications to the landing gear.

Operational history[edit]

The aircraft did not win the competition, but the second aircraft went on to establish a world record for its class of aircraft of 13,850 ft (4,222 m) over Lympne on 13 October 1923.[1] It is not known what happened to the two aircraft, not having been reported since 1923.


 United Kingdom


Data from Avro Aircraft since 1908 [2]

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