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Origin Kristinehamn, Sweden
Genres D-beat, anarcho-punk
Years active 1982–present
Labels Prank

Avskum is a Swedish D-beat punk band from Kristinehamn, Sweden. Playing classic Swedish hardcore influenced by Discharge, Avskum started in the early 1980s, only to temporarily disband until the mid-1990s where they returned more productive than ever. All original members except the original guitarist perform in the current line-up. They continue to sporadically perform within Europe and in 2004 did a small two-week tour in the United States. Avskum's lyrics generally deal with issues such as nuclear war and capitalism.


Title Format Date of Release Notes
Avskum 001 Tape 1982
Crucified by the System 7" Vinyl 1984 Repressed in 2004
Live at Blitz, Oslo Tape 1985
Recrucified by the System LP 1997
Crime & Punishment LP 1998
From Vision to Nightmare 7" Vinyl 1999
In the Spirit of Mass Destruction LP 2000
Waiting for Another Bloodbath 10" 2002 Split EP with Reality Crisis
Punkista! LP 2003
Uppror Underifrån LP & CD 2008

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