Avtovo CHP-15

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Avtovo TEC-15
Avtovo CHP-15 is located in Leningrad Oblast
Avtovo CHP-15
Location of Avtovo TEC-15 in Leningrad Oblast
Country Russia
Location Saint Petersburg
Coordinates 59°52′12.31″N 30°17′12.78″E / 59.8700861°N 30.2868833°E / 59.8700861; 30.2868833Coordinates: 59°52′12.31″N 30°17′12.78″E / 59.8700861°N 30.2868833°E / 59.8700861; 30.2868833
Status Operational
Owner(s) TGC-1
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Secondary fuel Fuel oil (backup fuel)
Type Gas turbine
Cooling source Air-cooled condenser
Power generation
Units operational 7
Make and model Power Machines
Nameplate capacity 321 MW (Electric)
1,833 MW (Warm)
Annual gross output 1,471.5 GWh (Electric),
3,682,320 Gcal (Warm)
All data is taken from an official site of station[1]

Avtovo CHP-15 provides electric and thermal energy to the Admiralteisky, Moskovsky, Kirovsky and Krasnoselsky Districts of St. Petersburg.

The director of station is Alexander Sidorov.[1]


It began operation on December 26, 1956.[1]

Initially the station used coal, but towards the end of the 20th century TGC-1 began converting to gas. In connection with development of a gas powered station, physical deterioration and equipment obsolescence, reconstruction began in 2000 at the station.[1]

  • In 2000 the turbine unit number 3 was replaced.[2]
  • On December 28, 2007 the new turbine unit number 2, with an electric capacity of 30 MW, and thermal capacity of 75 GCal/h, began operation. Also the transformers and generator were replaced.[1][2]

On August 23, 2009 there was a fire in the repaired unit.[3]


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