Aw Boon Par

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Aw Boon Par
Died1944 (1945) (aged 56)
Board member ofEng Aun Tong
  • Piah Lan
  • Daw Saw
  • Hong Yin
  • Aw Cheng Chye (Son)
  • Aw Cheng Taik (Son)
  • Aw Cheng Sim/Suri Santipongchai (Daughter)
  • Aw Cheng Hu (Daughter)
  • Danny Shahrizan (Shareholder)
  • Nur Fahmi (Son)
RelativesAw Boon Leng (Eldest Brother)
Aw Boon Haw (Second Brother)

Aw Boon Par (Chinese: 胡文豹; pinyin: Hú Wénbào; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hô͘ Bûn-pà; 1888–1944) was an entrepreneur and philanthropist best known for introducing Tiger Balm.

He was a son of Hakka herbalist Aw Chu-Kin.[1][2] Aw was born during the British colonial rule. His father left the business to Boon-Par and after Aw Chu-Kin's death in 1908, he called his elder brother Aw Boon-Haw to run his father's apothecary, Eng Aun Tong ("The Hall of Eternal Peace") together.

Although Aw wished to stay in Yangon, his brother who had settled in Singapore[3] in 1926 convinced him to immigrate, move the family business, and found the precursor of today's Haw Par Corporation. Boon-Haw moved to Hong Kong to manage the business from there, while Boon-Par stayed in Singapore to run the factory. Eventually, Aw closed the factory down, returned to Rangoon, and died there.


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