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Awadhi people
Total population
39 million[citation needed]
Regions with significant populations
Awadhi, Hindi, Urdu
Om.svg Hinduism
Related ethnic groups
Indo-Aryan peoples

The Awadhi people or Awadhis (Awadhi/Hindi: अवधी, Urdu: اودھی) are an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group who speak Awadhi and reside in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh. Many Awadhis also migrated to Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra in India and some adjoining regions of the Terai in Nepal,[1] and in addition 1.9 per cent of Nepalis are Awadhi speakers.[2] Awadhi people can be found throughout the world, most notably in the Caribbean, Fiji, Guyana, Mauritius, South Africa, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. Bollywood actor and superstar Amitabh Bachchan is Awadhi from his father's (Harivansh Rai Bachchan) side. Historically, Indo-Aryans dominated the North Indian Gangetic Planes; thus, the Awadhi language continuously evolved over the centuries in the Awadh region of Uttar Pradesh.


Main article: Awadhi Language

The Awadhi language is spoken by about 38 million people.[3] In India, native speakers are estimated to be 4 million[4], while in Nepal native speakers are estimated to be 500,000 persons.[5]

Linguistically, Awadhi can be considered a distinct language with its own grammar. However, colloquially, Awadhi is considered a variety of Hindi speaking, and is not formally taught in any institution.[citation needed]


Main article: Awadhi Cuisine

Consisting of both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes, Awadhi cuisine has influences that can be linked to the Mughal Empire. It is similar to cuisines from surrounding areas, such as Bhojpur, Kashmir, Central Asia, Punjab, and Hyderabad.[6] Awadhi cuisine is known for its use of aromatics and spices, such as cardamom and saffron , in a slow fire cooking process. There is also notable variety in ingredients that are cooked, such as paneer and mutton. One of the most notable and popular dishes is the kebab, which comes in a variety of forms.[citation needed]

In addition, there are rice, curry, dessert, and chaat preparations that are specific to Awadhi cuisine.

Notable Awadhis[edit]

Popular castes[edit]


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