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فريج العوضية
Awadhiya is located in Manama
Location in Manama
Coordinates: 26°13′57″N 50°35′8″E / 26.23250°N 50.58556°E / 26.23250; 50.58556Coordinates: 26°13′57″N 50°35′8″E / 26.23250°N 50.58556°E / 26.23250; 50.58556
Country Bahrain
Governorate Capital Governorate

Awadhiya (Arabic: فريج العوضية‎‎) is a new neighborhood of Manama, the capital city of Bahrain. It lies roughly between Ras Rumman and Hoora, while the Manama Souq lies to Awadhiya's west. The neighborhood was originally settled by merchants of Huwala origin, especially from Larestan and Bastak.[1] Today the area is a busy commercial district. The neighborhood contains some of the last remaining houses built in the traditional architectural style featuring badgeer windtowers.

Awadhiya is a new neighborhood, having been established by Huwala.


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