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Awake in a Dream (album)

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Awake in a Dream
Awake in a Dream design & art direction: Kosh for Kosh Brooks Design
Studio album by
GenreHard rock
LabelMorgan Creek
ProducerE.T. Thorngren and Eleven
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Awake in a Dream

Awake in a Dream is the debut album by the American hard rock band Eleven, released in 1991 on Morgan Creek Records.[1][2] Singles from the album include "Break the Spell" (which was featured in the film Freejack) and "Rainbow's End", which had a music video released. A promotional EP titled Vowel Movement was also released, featuring alternate mixes of four songs on the album. The album is named for a line in the song "Learning to Be".

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Chicago Tribune[4]

The Chicago Tribune noted that, "with Jack Irons' fat beat leading the way, the hooks don't just please, they pummel, recalling a weird hybrid of early XTC and '70s Stevie Wonder."[4] The Los Angeles Times determined that "the music strives for the heaviness of Led Zeppelin while [Alain] Johannes sings in an aggressive John Lennon-like style."[5]

AllMusic wrote: "Not earth-shattering but usually decent, this little-known CD indicated that Eleven was a band to keep an eye on, even if commercial success eluded them."[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "All Together" (3:45) (Johannes/Shneider)
  2. "Break the Spell" (2:14) (Johannes/Shneider)
  3. "Learning to Be" (4:00) (Johannes/Shneider)
  4. "Rainbow's End" (4:43) (Johannes/Shneider/Irons)
  5. "Before Your Eyes" (5:15) (Johannes/Shneider/Irons)
  6. "Burning Your Bed" (4:26) (Johannes/Shneider)
  7. "Flying" (5:24) (Johannes/Shneider/Irons)
  8. "I Wanna See No Back" (3:46) (Johannes/Shneider)
  9. "You Are Mine" (4:18) (Johannes/Shneider)
  10. "Water and Power" (3:15) (Johannes/Shneider)
  11. "Down" (3:16) (Johannes/Shneider/Irons)
  12. "Message to You" (5:00) (Johannes)



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