Awakening (Narnia album)

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Narnia - Awakening.jpg
Studio album by Narnia
Released 16 February 1998 (Europe)
Recorded Sept. 1996 - Jan. 1997 at Topz Recording Studio
Genre Neo-classical metal
Progressive metal
Power metal
Christian metal
Label Nuclear Blast (Europe)
Pony Canyon (Japan)
Producer Narnia
Narnia chronology
Long Live the King
Japanese Edition Cover
Awakening japan.jpg

Awakening is the debut album of progressive metal band Narnia. The band is credited for skill, especially Carl Johan Grimmark, with his impressive neo-classical guitar solos, who was only 19 when this album was released.[1]

European & Japanese track listing[edit]

  1. "Break the Chains"
  2. "No More Shadows from the Past"
  3. "The Return of Aslan (instrumental)"
  4. "Heavenly Love"
  5. "Time of Changes"
  6. "The Awakening"
  7. "Touch from You"
  8. "Sign of the Time"



Guest musicians[edit]

  • Jakob Persson - Bass on "Sign of the Time".
  • Mart Hallek - Violin on "Sign of the Time".
  • Janne Samefors - Backing vocals on "Time of Changes".
  • Janne Stark - Guitar duelist on "No More Shadows From the Past".



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