Awanui River

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Awanui River
Country New Zealand
River mouth Rangaunu Harbour
Physical characteristics
Length 30 km (19 mi)

The Awanui River is a river in the far north of New Zealand, close to the point at which the Aupouri Peninsula joins the rest of the Northland Peninsula. The Awanui flows first west and then north, for a total of 30 kilometres (19 mi), before flowing into Rangaunu Harbour. The town of Kaitaia is along its banks. It was extensively dredged for navigation until 1960, with a busy river port at Awanui exporting butter via coastal scows to Auckland, for trans-shipping to the UK. Upstream of Awanui it was dredged, and in places straightened, for flood control. Regular cargo scows included the Coronation, Tiri and Kapuni. Because of their shallow draught these scows were often assisted around the river bends by the work launch Ann, piloted by Harbourmaster Thomas George (Tom) Walker and later by his son Thomas Frederick (Larry) Walker. This family also operated the marine radio station ZLNF Awanui Radio, located at Unahi near the mouth of the river.

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Coordinates: 35°01′S 173°16′E / 35.017°S 173.267°E / -35.017; 173.267