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Awara broth

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Awara broth
A Pot of Awara Broth.
Alternative namesBouyon wara
CourseMain course
Place of originGuiana
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsAwara dough, smoked fish, smoked chicken, corned beef, shrimp, cod, bacon, spinach, chilli pepper, cabbage, cucumber, green bean, eggplant

Awara broth (Bouillon d'awara in French and Bouyon wara in Guianan Creole) is a typical Guianan Creole stew from French Guiana, made up of many ingredients that are combined with the pulp of the fruit of Awara tree, reduced at length beforehand in a pot. The stew can include salt ham, bacon, salt beef, pork snout, salt cod, smoked fish, fresh seafood like crabs and prawns, roasted chicken and vegetables like cabbage, spinach, eggplant and chile peppers.[1]

A proverb says : "If you eat the broth of awara ... in Guiana you will come back ..."[citation needed]


The dish is prepared from the pulp of the Awara fruit and is typically mixed with smoked chicken and smoked fish.

The stew can take several days to prepare.[2] At the end of the preparation, the awara broth is orange to light brown. It is usually accompanied by white rice.[citation needed]

Christian holidays[edit]

Considered a national dish and a sign of hospitality towards guests, it is often prepared for Easter and Pentecost.[3]

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