Awards and decorations of the Singapore Armed Forces

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Orders and decorations conferred to military personnel of the Singapore Armed Forces in Singapore, listed by order of precedence:

Medals and Orders[edit]


Exceptional Skills Badges[edit]

  • Military Free Fall Parachutist
    • Basic Military Free Fall Parachutist Badge
    • Advanced Military Free Fall Parachutist Badge
    • Gold Military Free Fall Parachutist Badge
  • Parachutist
    • Senior Parachutist Badge
    • Master Parachutist Badge

Skills Badges[edit]

  • Basic Parachutist Badge
  • Jungle Confidence Course (JCC)
    • JCC Badge
    • Advanced JCC Badge
    • Master JCC Badge
  • Combat Skills
    • Combat Skills Badge
    • Advanced Combat Skills Badge
    • Master Combat Skills Badge
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
    • Basic EOD Badge
    • Advanced EOD Badge
    • Senior EOD Badge
  • CBRD (Chemical, Biological & Radiological Defence)
    • Basic CBRD Badge
    • Advanced CBRD Badge
  • Rigger Badge
  • Sniper
    • Sniper Basic Badge
    • Sniper Advanced Badge
    • Sniper Master Badge
  • Combat Fitness Trainer
    • Combat Fitness Trainer Basic Badge
    • Combat Fitness Trainer Advanced Badge
    • Combat Fitness Trainer Master Badge
  • Ammunition (Ammo)
    • Ammo Basic Badge
    • Ammo Advanced Badge
  • Silent Precision Drill Badge
  • Musician
    • Musician Badge
    • Director of Music Badge
  • Paramedic Badge
  • Taekwondo Black Belt Badge

Skills Tabs[edit]

Proficiency Badges[edit]

Incentive Badges[edit]

  • Best Soldier of the Month Badge
  • Safe and Courteous Driver Badge

Identification Badge[edit]

  • Para Counsellor Badge
  • Aide-de-Camp Badge
  • SAF Shooting Contingent Badge

Navy-related badges[edit]

  • Naval Warfare Badge
  • Naval Diver's Badge
    • Basic Diving Badge
    • Professional Diving Badge
    • Senior Professional Diving Badge
    • Senior Diving Supervisor Badge
  • Submariner's Badge
  • Mission Crew Wing
  • Naval Warfare System Engineers
    • Engineers Badge
  • Naval Warfare System Experts
    • Command and Control (C2) Badge
    • Communication Systems (CS) Badge
    • Electronic Warfare Systems (EWS) Badge
    • Mechanical Systems (MS)/Electrical Control Systems (ECS)/Naval Architects (NARC) Badge
    • Naval Supply Experts/Naval Chef Badge
    • Navigation Systems (NVS) Badge
    • Weapon Systems (WS)/Weapon Control Systems Operator (WS-C) Badge
    • Underwater Warfare Badge
  • CIC Supervisor's Badge
  • Craft Coxswain Skill Badge
  • MARSEC Boarding Skills Badge

Air Force-related badges[edit]

  • Aviation Medical Officer Badge
  • Air Crew Specialist Badge
  • Air Defence Systems Specialist Badge
  • Air Force Engineer Badge
  • Air Imagery Intelligence Expert Badge [1]
  • Air Operations & Systems Expert Badge
  • Air Warfare Officer Badge
  • Air Force Engineer (Flight Engineer) Badge
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge
  • Pilot Badge
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot Badge
  • Weapon Systems Officer (Fighter) Badge
  • Weapon Systems Officer (Navigator) Badge

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