Awash International Bank

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Awash International Bank
Joint stock
Industry Finance
Founded November 1994
Headquarters Addis Ababa
Key people
Wole Gurmu, Chairman
Tsehay Shiferaw, President
Yohannes Merga, Vice President, Corporate Services
Dereje Zebene, Vice President International Banking
Products Financial services
Revenue ETB 382 Million (2007)
Number of employees

Awash International Bank is a full-service bank in Ethiopia. According to its website, the bank has 187 branches and more than one million customers. Its deposits in 2013/14 exceeded 16 billion birr.[1] Awash International Bank is one of the biggest and the first private commercial bank in Ethiopia banking history. Its headquarters are located at the new building opened in 2010 at the central financial hub of Addis Ababa.

The bank is named after the Awash River which is the most utilized and the only river that remains within the territorial boundary of Ethiopia.


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