Bayono-Awbono language

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RegionPapua Province, Indonesia
Native speakers
200 (1999)[1]
Trans–New Guinea
  • Central West New Guinea
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
byl – Bayono
awh – Awbono

Bayono, Awbono and Densar constitute a recently discovered dialect cluster spoken in Indonesian Papua Province south of the Somahai languages. All that is known of them are a few hundred words recorded in first-contact situations. These demonstrate resemblances to the neighboring Ok and Greater Awyu languages, and the pronouns are consistent with Bayono-Awbono belonging to the Trans–New Guinea family:

Dialect 1sg 2sg
Awbono ɡu
Bayono ne ɡwe
proto-Awyu–Dumut *nu-p *gu-p
proto-Ok *na- *ka-b-/*ku-b-
proto-TNG *na *ga

Timothy Usher classified them within the Greater Awyu (Digul River) family.[3]


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